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84 Mineral Springs Rd, Asheville, NC

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Proud supporter of Kevi Bears Kids

About Us: We have been serving the best breakfast in Asheville, NC since 2014. Our Breakfast is made from scratch with Real Butter. We only serve quality Meats and Veggies; because we care. If better coffee existed it would be on our menu.

This restaurant's mission is to provide thousands of needy kids around the world with soccer balls to fight hunger. Kevi Bears Kids is the name of our Non-Profit; and we've helped more than 9,400 kids in the last 10 years. We have ordered the next 1,000 balls to be shipped here to the restaurant for the locals to take with them on Mission trips around the World. The purpose of life: or Christmas: To help those in need like St. Nikolas who bought medicine for those who couldn't afford it. Here's how you can help: Tax deductible checks can be made out to Kevi Bears Kids; where 100% will help the kids.